I gave soybean noodles a second chance!

And I’m glad I did. I had tried them before, and just couldn’t stomach the texture. I compared them to dry-rotted rubber bands, and honestly nothing has changed about them. They still have a texture I’d compare to that, buuuut, I don’t know, I’m more accepting these days. Maybe knowing they had 23 grams of protein per serving helped? Perhaps, it’s because I’ve been making modifications here and there to my diet to improve the healthfulness. Although I still eat plenty of wheat pasta, whether whole grain or the regular kind, I cut unnecessary carbs (like eating a bagel thin/bagel skinny instead of a whole big bagel) and sugar these days, and also don’t use a ton of added oils, and I think that helps the more nutrient-dense foods taste better.

I was lucky to be able to find these at a little grocery outlet type place in my neighborhood called The Village Mercantile so I scored them for $2.50. I don’t exactly know what they go for these days, but I remember they used to be $7 or more at Kroger a few years ago. I know Aldi sometimes has them too. I also found this bottle of Panda Express Mandarin Teriyaki Sauce there. Is that a real thing or a PE fusion? Because isn’t teriyaki Japanese? My guess is a PE creation! I added a heaping spoonful of chili garlic sauce to brighten it up and then added some sriracha once I dished it out. I added a bag of my new fave Beyond Steak Tips and a melange of veggies: snap peas, bell pepper, carrot, asparagus, green onion, zucchini and mushroom. The veggies must’ve been camera-shy. LOL, this is why you shouldn’t tell people their food is “too brown.” Maybe their veggies hid like mine! It fed all three of us (although the kid didn’t eat much), and my husband has leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, when I tried soybean noodles, I also noticed that they were similar to rubber bands, but for me at the time, I thought it was tolerable. And I did think it was worth the trade off since they are so high in protein. That being said, I believe I only bought them during that one time period, which was quite a while ago. I guess we just tried them and then forgot about them after that.

    1. They’re not super easy to find. I don’t think Kroger sells them anymore, I don’t think Aldi has them year-round either. It looks like if I want more and they’re not at that bodega in the neighborhood, I’ll have to order online.

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