Curry tofu scramble and bagel avocado toast: a yummy, nutritious breakfast

When I was in the Let’s Go Veganish Facebook group, we’d get the occasional person who couldn’t help but comment that there was “too much brown food” or whatever ignorant insults they wanted to hurl. I want to point out, being a mod there, we would have happily approved their all veggie and fruit meals or beans and greens meal photos or whatever it was. They just wanted to complain while not contributing. I think a lot of people, like me, eat plenty of veggies and “whole” foods a lot, but perhaps save posting things that are unique in our day or are specialized vegan foods. I eat the same berry smoothie every day so I wasn’t going to post my bright purple smoothie five times a week! Now if I spent hours concocting a vegan seitan steak or vegan bacon, do you think I wasn’t going to post it? Or if I finally got to try the new Impossible burger when it came out? Or the new vegan Ben and Jerry’s? These are exciting when it happens, and most people are afraid they won’t be able to eat some of their favorites, like ice cream, cheese, eggs, meat, etc. if they want to become more veganish so those are probably going to be the things to focus on. At least that’s my opinion.

So here’s your proof I do eat veggies! Here is my curry tofu scramble with orange bell pepper, asparagus, zucchini, and mushrooms, and a toasted Everything Bagel Skinny with what I could salvage of a not-so-great avocado, tomato and some additional everything bagel seasoning. Funnily enough, I rarely buy avocados so I always have to roll my eyes when vEgAnS solely get blamed for issues around avocados, as if meat eaters never eat guacamole or something. I actually never have almond milk nor quinoa either. I do eat plenty of foods that aren’t the best, like coffee and chocolate, but for some reason those NEVER get brought up because everyone knows most people consume those things. I just find it a bit amusing. I understand why it happens though. It is cringe when people say their diet is “cruelty-free.” Guaranteed it’s not. I think “less cruelty” is a great goal though.

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  1. Yes, I always find it amusing that there are people who pop in to say negative comments without contributing anything. If they want to see more fruits and vegetables, or they want to see more gluten-free options or they want to see more of whatever, it’s up to them to post that type of content. It’s just as free for them to post as it is for us. 🙌

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