Aldi skinny everything bagels

I forgot another Aldi find we got the other day, and that’s the L’Oven Fresh skinny bagels. I picked up the everything style.

On the weekend, I like to make a savory breakfast to take a break from the weekday smoothies. So on Sunday morning, I fried super extra firm tofu slices seasoned with black salt, nutritional yeast, black pepper and a little turmeric for color purposes only to make an egg-like thing. I made a Tofurky ham, “egg” and Violife cheddar sandwich. It was pretty filling and I think it had 25 grams of protein and under 350 calories. I meant to add tomato slices but totally forgot and that’s fine. But it was pretty easy, and kept us going for a few hours. I will say though, while these skinny bagels are very nice to eat, they really aren’t bagels! I mean, they seem more like those sandwich thins but with everything bagel seasoning on them. I am fine with that though. I like real bagels too, but I am not an absolutist. I think you can find a very similar product at other grocery stores called Thomas bagel thins.

Besides being a good thing to make a breakfast sandwich with, I used them to make my son a Tofurky ham and Violife cheddar sandwich for his school lunch. I toasted the bagel skinny for a few minutes in the air fryer and microwaved the “ham” and “cheese” to melt the cheese onto it for a few seconds and then just put it all together. My kid has decided PB&Js suck and has taken to throwing them or smashing them…LOL. I only send them once a week but he’s OVER IT. Oh well…sigh. Good news is the teacher said he liked his lunch today so woohoo! I have a new meal to add to the lunch rotation.

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  1. That is so funny about how your son decided that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches suck. I guess maybe they would kind of suck, compared to a delicious vegan ham and cheese Sammy made with these everything bagel thins!

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