Tacos made with leftovers, corn tortillas, a small amount of vegan Mexican cheese shreds, steamed broccoli, tofu in Ranchero sauce, Spanish right rice.

My Thanksgiving Plate in Kansas USA

This year I was thankful to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and his family on a farm in Kansas USA. This post is about my Thanksgiving plate! I’ve already done some other posts about the Quorn meatless roast, the various items I brought to the Thanksgiving dinner versus the other foods that were available,... Continue Reading →

Juicy Marbles vegan steak!

There is a newish product called Juicy Marbles that is a vegan steak. It is made of soy and wheat proteins and flakes much like meat. They are mum on their process, for obvious reasons. I don't know what they do, I wonder if it's not similar to 3D printing. They say on their website... Continue Reading →

My Juicy Marbles arrived!

I liked steak before I went vegan-ish. I was a rare to medium rare gal. I'm a vegan who was never squeamish about meat. I've seen vegans try to shame people for not being physically grossed out about meat. I've seen non-vegans utter things like, "If you miss meat, then why are you vegan? Just... Continue Reading →

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